The Toulouse Murders

On March 19, 2012, Mohammed Merah, a Frenchman of Algerian origin, killed a teacher and three children in front of the Toulouse Jewish school Otzar Hatorah. Earlier that month, he murdered three French soldiers. A few days after the Toulouse … [Read More]

American Jewry’s Comfort Level: Interview with Leonard Saxe – The Birthright Israel Program: Present and Possible Future Impacts

“The program that is now known as Taglit-Birthright Israel was launched in late 1999–early 2000. The Israeli parliamentarian Yossi Beilin had proposed the idea almost a decade earlier. He wanted to change the Israel-Diaspora relationship from Israel being a supplicant … [Read More]

American Jewry’s Comfort Level: Steven Bayme – The Intellectual Assault on Israel and Pro- Israel Advocacy: How the American Jewish Community Should React

American support for Israel historically has rested on four main pillars: the high esteem Jews enjoy within American society; the strong base of Christianity within American culture; the kinship Americans have for a fellow democracy; and, especially since 9/11, the … [Read More]