Spain, NATO, and Israel

“In recent years there has been a change for the better in Israel’s portrayal in the Spanish media. Now at least a few columnists expose Palestinian terrorism, attack anti-Semitism, and outline the problematic context in which Israel has to operate. … [Read More]

Jewish Education in the United States: Improving but Still a Long Way to Go. Manfred Gerstenfeld interviews Jonathan Woocher.

Jewish education in the United States seems to be improving. Engaged Jews have increasing educational opportunities. With those not engaged, however, the community tends to lose ground. Sectors getting particular attention at present include early childhood education, day schools, informal … [Read More]

The Israeli-Irish troubles

The Israeli-Irish troubles ‘If one were to throw a sack of flour over the Irish parliament, it is unlikely that anybody pro-Israeli would get white,” says Rory Miller. “Among the 120 members of the D il – the Irish parliament’s … [Read More]