Leading Russia’s Jews Today

Leading Russia’s Jews Today Twenty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, only a few capable Jewish lay leaders have emerged in Russia. The first authentic national organization was the Va’ad, founded in 1989. It aimed to represent all … [Read More]

Changes in German Holocaust Education

Changes in German Holocaust Education Germany erected many memorials and museums at former concentration camps, as well as for murdered Jews. The extent of the attention given to Holocaust education in schools and other educational institutions is outstanding. At the same time, one also … [Read More]

Vignettes on Amsterdam’s Anti-Semitism

Vignettes on Amsterdam’s Anti-Semitism Manfred Gerstenfeld interviews Charles Dahan “One Yom Kippur, I walked out of the beautiful Amsterdam Portuguese synagogue together with a law professor. In front of the nearby Jewish Historical Museum, some Moroccan boys were singing in Arabic … [Read More]

Europe’s Jews: The Netherlands

Europe’s Jews: The Netherlands Netherlands: From Social Work to Community Building Manfred Gerstenfeld interviews Hans Vuijsje “Only 16% of the 52,000 Jews in the Netherlands are affiliated with one of the three religious community organizations – the Ashkenazi NIK, the … [Read More]