Belgian Anti-Semitism

Belgian Anti-Semitism “There is a major difference in anti-Semitic attitudes between Muslim students and non-Muslim ones in Dutch-speaking secondaryschools in Belgium. About 50% of the Muslim students express anti-Semitic attitudes, as opposed to 10% of the others. These findings resulted from our … [Read More]

Interview: Austrian Anti-Semitism

Interview: Austrian Anti-Semitism “Anti-Semitism in Austria expresses itself in classic prejudices and also disguised as anti-Zionism. The tendency to identify Jews with exploitation and pure speculative capitalism can still be observed among segments of Austrian society – especially among older and less … [Read More]

Finland Has Its Own Anti-Semitism

Finland Has Its Own Anti-Semitism Manfred Gerstenfeld interviews Ken Sikorski “In Finnish civil society, one finds an increasing anti-Israel bias. The tiny Jewish community faces problems as well. Anti-Israelism is often promoted in the media. The Helsingin Sanomat, the nation’s largest … [Read More]

Mainline American Christians Against Israel

Mainline American Christians Against Israel “The leadership of most American ‘mainline’ Protestant churches is top-heavy with anti-Israel agitation, especially among those on mission committees. By now, a substantial number of their members have been influenced by anti-Israel rhetoric. Furthermore, younger members, due … [Read More]

American Jews and the Internet

Small experiences with Big Media When one publishes about subjects such as Israel and Europe or anti-Semitism, one is regularly contacted by journalists. It sometimes leads to bizarre experiences. Several such experiences resulted from my 2013 book, Demonizing Israel and … [Read More]