Are we reliving the 1930s?

Are we reliving the 1930s? Elie Wiesel noted that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech at the recent United Nations General Assembly calling for the destruction of Israel demonstrates that the world has learned nothing from the Holocaust. The upcoming 70th … [Read More]

Dutch anti-Semitism revisited

Dutch anti-Semitism revisited A poll taken earlier this month found that only 53 percent of the Dutch would consider voting for a Jewish prime minister. In the rankings, Jews figured far behind women (93%), homosexuals (78%) and blacks (75%), but … [Read More]

American Jewry’s challenge

American Jewry’s challenge What are the prospects for American Jewry? The United Jewish Communities General Assembly in Jerusalem is an opportune time to address challenges facing the larger concentration of Jews in the world. Since the shock of the early … [Read More]