Europe’s Crumbling Myths – Irwin Cotler – Discrimination Against Israel in the International Arena: Undermining the Cause of Human Rights at the United Nations

“The United Nations is singling out Israel and the Jewish people for differential and discriminatory treatment in the international arena. It purports to protect international human rights, but instead gives anti-Jewishness a protective cover.” Irwin Cotler, Member of the Canadian … [Read More]

Europe’s Crumbling Myths – Isaac Lipschits – The Dutch Government: Discriminating against the Survivors through a so-called Egalitarian Approach

The Small Shoah: Jews in Post-war Netherlands, by the political scientist Isaac Lipschits, was published in 2001 in Holland, where it became a bestseller. In its first chapter the author writes: “In the liberated Netherlands, the Jews were not endangered … [Read More]

Europe’s Crumbling Myths – Aharon Lopez – Jewish-Vatican Relations: The Possible Beatification of Pius XII and other Unresolved Issues

The attitude of the Catholic Church toward the Jews has radically changed in recent decades, followed by a transformation in its position vis-a-vis Israel. Aharon Lopez, Israel’s former ambassador to the Vatican, illustrates this turnaround by citing two events. “In … [Read More]