American Jewry’s Comfort Level: Policy Implications of the Gender Imbalance among America’s Jews by Sylvia Barack Fishman and Daniel Parmer

Introduction1 Jewish men and women in the United States have become characterized by a gender imbalance that differs from most Jewish communities historically and from many other Jewish communities around the world today. In liberal Jewish America, women have become … [Read More]

American Jewry’s Comfort Level: Changes in American Jewish Identities – From the Collective to the Personal, from Norms to Aesthetics: An interview with Steven M. Cohen

Steven M. Cohen observes: “When discussing ‘identity’ of Jews the term ‘identity’ is misleading. When applied to Jews, its connotations are too individual, too static, and too attitudinal. ‘Jewish identity’ is—or should be seen as—a social identity, referring not only … [Read More]